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tNt Nature Connections

Nature Guiding in Yukon, Canada

tNt Nature Connections|Nature Guiding in Yukon, Canada


About tNt Nature Connections

tNt Nature Connections is a Nature Guiding Company in Whitehorse Yukon Canada.

Who are the t's in tNt Nature Connections?

Hi! I'm tomohiro (photographer & guide) and I'm tammy, (teacher & guide), and we live in Canada's northwest -Whitehorse Yukon Territory! We are the owners and operators of tNt Nature Connections!

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We are inspired by everything around us -by the beauty of the autumn coloured landscape, the quiet tranquility of a river, the close encounters with wildlife, and the dancing colours of the Aurora Borealis.

We are passionate about sharing our love of this beautiful area with others. Our quest is to create opportunities for our guests to connect with Nature as we do by organizing trips to the beautiful Yukon as well as surrounding areas including amazing Southeast Alaska USA.

Come with us and experience the magic by hiking, fishing, snowshoeing, dogsledding, canoeing and Northern Lights & wildlife viewing!


We are licensed, certified and qualified to take you on the great tour in the Yukon!

  • Wilderness First Aid certified
  • Members of the Yukon Wilderness Tourism Association of Yukon (YTAY)
  • Yukon commercial guiding licensed
  • Alaska guiding business registered
  • Food Safe Certified
  • liability insurance and commercial automobile insurance
  • State Park Territory government jurisdiction guide permits
  • Supported by some companies and brands such as Olympus Pro Salon (Camera Manufactures) and ADUSTA EU (Fishing Lure Companies)
  • Wilderness Tourism Association of Yukon
  • Adusta EU

Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

How tNt Nature Connections Began

It was 2004 when Tammy and Tomohiro, met in Whitehorse Yukon Canada and they discovered that they shared a common interest - to connect with Nature in a meaningful way.

They enjoyed their first winter together living just outside of Whitehorse in a little cabin with no running water. They chopped wood, and carried water and enjoyed the tranquility of their simple life. Tomohiro worked as an aurora guide and began taking photos of the beauty around them, while Tammy took care of sled dogs and kept the cabin warm. Tomohiro used what little time he had when not guiding and doing photography to go dogsledding.

After 3 years together working in the travel industry in the Yukon, Tammy wanted to experience life in Japan, the country where Tomohiro was born and raised. So in 2008 to 2011, they moved to Hokkaido and lived on a horse ranch in northern Japan. Once again Tammy helped take care of animals, this time feeding Japanese horses and Tomohiro continued his work as a Nature guide and photographer and together they connected with the Nature around them.
  • Tammy Trotic
  • Tammy Trotic
  • Tammy Trotic
  • Tammy Trotic
  • Tammy Trotic
Living on a beautiful property with sixty horses, ponds, rolling hills, and a river running through it, the couple decided that this would be the perfect location to start a Nature school. Tammy's skills as a trained elementary school teacher and outdoor educator and Tomo's experience living in North America, learning English, and working as a Nature guide was a perfect blend for what would become "tNt Adventures in English", a nature school where students would come to do nature activities while learning English.

Tomohiro continued to share the wonders of the Yukon by exhibiting photos he had taken there. The couples' desire to return to Canada's north was strong and when they decided to return to Whitehorse, many people who had attended the photo exhibitions, been guided by Tomohiro, and/or were students in their "Adventures in English" classes, wanted to know how they too could come and experience the Yukon.
  • Tomohiro Uemura
  • Tomohiro Uemura
  • Tomohiro Uemura
  • Tomohiro Uemura
  • Tomohiro Uemura
Tammy and Tomohiro returned to the Yukon and led a life much similar to the one they left. They put up a yurt in the forest outside of the Whitehorse, and once again started taking care of sled dogs. Their desire to want to share the beauty of the Natural world that surrounded them, merged with the many people in Japan wanting to come to experience the Yukon, led them in 2012, to begin their nature guiding business, "tNt Nature Connections". Canoeing lakes and rivers, fishing, cooking over open fires, chopping wood, carrying water, picking wild berries, hiking and more, Tammy and Tomo love it all. They feel their experiences in Nature are heightened when shared with their guests and their enthusiasm is contagious. Come and join them in Canada's Yukon and experience a connection with Nature they're sure you will never forget.

About Tammy Trotic

Tammy Trotic

Hi, my name is Tammy. I was born and raised and educated in Vancouver British Columbia Canada. My favourite thing to do as a child was climb over fences and ride our neighbour's ponies bareback. It came as little surprise to my family when I decided to move away from the city and my work as an elementary school teacher, and learn how to dogsled for a winter in the Yukon.

After meeting Tomohiro in Whitehorse, I decided to see what his home country was like and moved to Hokkaido Japan for 3 years. It was there that I lived on a horse ranch and taught English.

In 2012 Tomohiro and I were living in Whitehorse Yukon Canada again. We decided to combine our skills as a photographer and nature guide and a teacher with ESL training, with our love of the outdoors and start our own nature guiding business, tNt Nature Connections.

I feel honoured to share this amazingly beautiful place with others. Come and explore the wild and wonderful Yukon with us.
I look forward to meeting you.

About Tomohiro Uemura

Tomohiro Uemura

I was born in 1978 in Gifu Japan and later raised in the city of Kobe. My strong desire to learn English, at a time when it was not so popular, had my mother thinking that I would probably live abroad. And she was right! At 18, I left my homeland to attend university in Washington DC where I graduated with a degree in International Relations. Living in the US and learning about other nations triggered the travel bug, and I made my way to India, Southeast Asia and Europe. A longing for something more crystallized when reading books about people who lived close to Nature. I returned to Japan and worked at the adventure school of Japanese adventurer Mitsuro Oba and then later at Animal Rescue Kansai (ARK).

In 2004, I travelled to Canada to take a kayaking course in British Columbia which led to solo kayak trips in Alaska and the Yukon. As are so many others, I was captured by, as Robert Service described so accurately, "the Spell of the Yukon".

I applied for a working holiday visa, and started work as an aurora guide in Whitehorse Yukon where I met Tammy, who would become my future wife. Guiding and exploring led me to capture the beauty I experienced by taking Nature photography more seriously. My "call of the wild" was to the mountains outside of Whitehorse where I could photograph majestic wild sheep called Dall sheep in the vast and peaceful landscape. I became more and more interested in photographing their behaviour and interactions and later complied my works in a photo book, "Dall Sheep" which was published in Japan.

It was Tammy who expressed a desire to experience my homeland and for one year, that somehow turned into three, we lived in Northern Japan. I continued to guide, take nature photos and start a nature school with my wife called "tNt Adventures in English".
As the Yukon had cast a spell on both Tammy and me, we returned to the Yukon in 2011 and established our Nature guiding business, tNt Nature Connections, the following year.

My experience as a guide and photographer as well as my own personal adventures and unique lifestyle I share with my wife in Whitehorse, help me create a unique and valuable Nature connection in the Yukon for all of my guests.