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tNt Nature Connections

Nature Guiding in Yukon, Canada

tNt Nature Connections|Nature Guiding in Yukon, Canada


About Yukon, Canada

Yukon is situated in the northwest corner of Canada, east of Alaska. On dark nights in winter and spring, you can enjoy aurora viewing and in the daytime, other activities such as dogsledding. On crisp nights of fall watch dancing aurora mirrored above open waters and hike or canoe sourounded by autumn colours. In the bountiful daylight of the summer midnight sun, canoeing and camping and more can be enjoyed. Feel moved and refreshed by the vast Yukon wilderness, and spend time in the charming capital city of Whitehorse. No matter when you come to the Yukon, its magic and mystery are bound to enhance your life.

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About Us

Tomohiro Uemura&Tammy

About Tomohiro Uemura & Tammy Trotic

Owners and operators of tNt Nature Connections, guiding company in Yukon, Canada

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