Brent Sass -Yukon Quest 2017-

Brent Sass was the second musher to reach Carmacks at around 1:00 this afternoon.

While waiting for mushers to come in and leave the Carmacks check point, I spoke to Brent Sass' father, Mark, about his mushing son's life.

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Mark told me that Brent grew up in the lower 48, and since he was 12, he wanted to go to Alaska. He finally fulfilled his wish when he turned 18. He finished a few years of college and cross country skied competitively. Brent loved the outdoors and spent a lot of his time camping, hunting and fishing. When he saw others mushing dogs, he knew that is what he wanted to pursue.

And pursue it he has. Brent, has been racing for thirteen years. When he is not racing, he runs an adventure business with the help of his father and a couple of friends who are also his dog handlers. His dogs are used to pack gear and pull Norwegians and other folks into the extreme wilds of Alaska on one month tours.

After Brent's mandatory lay over of four hours in Carmacks, we, along with his greatest fan and supporter Mr. Mark Sass, and many others went to see him off.

As Brent lifted his snow hook and was given the okay to leave the checkpoint, his 14 furry friends began to pull him away from the exhaust filled parking lot. Brent yelled out 'Wild and Free Baby'. It didn't seem necessary to ask his father what Brent's catchy motto meant.

The way he lives his life said it all.

Wild and free baby.

Wild and free.

You can check out his website at

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